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The abbreviation for UPVC is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, The material is a alternative for Wood and comparably very low maintenance material. It is very much suitable for Windows, Doors, Partictions, pipes and is very user friendly, easy assembly. It is used for glazing systems.

The major benefit of UPVC Windows is that they dont corrote or absorb water water and rot, this feature gives uPVC Windows and Doors a very long lasting feature. Not like metals and wood uPVC is water resistant and unlike metals is non-conductive, due to this feature your uPVC Windows and Doors do not trasfer the outside heat into your interiors and keep the internal temperature lower than outside for your home and offices.

What are the benefits of Double Gazed Windows?
Keeps your interiors warm in Winter – Double Glazing of UPVC Windows is a a great way of insulation it keeps outside heat away from your inside as the heat cannot pass through double glazed uPVC Windows.

It Saves your Energy Costs – When the outside heat or cold cannot pass through double Glazed UPVC Windows your interior is cooler in summers and warmer in winters thus saving your air conditioning costs, as your cooling system has less work to do when the temperature is low, thus saving your energy bills and inturn your money is saved to good extent.

Are uPVC Windows Fireproof?
Everyone is worried about fire and want to keep their homes and offices safe from being fire prone. Traditional use of timber in doors and windows has been the major cause of fire accidents. uPVC materials are recommended as they are naturally flame retardant throughout their life, uPVC Windows and doors or for that matter uPVC are self estinguishing and do not allow the fire to use its material to survive.


The most significant statistic is the global warming potential, measured in CO2 equivalents, which demonstrates how timber frames can be carbon negative over 60 years. uPVC windows are responsible for over 100kg of carbon dioxide equivalents in the 60 years, assuming they have been replaced once in this period.

Insulation against noicse, dust, pollutions, rain and rising energy costs.

Insulation against noicse, dust, pollutions, rain and rising energy costs.